Jeans for Genes

Thank you to all the pupils who through generous donations today, raised £100 for children with genetic disorders. We are so proud of your willingness to think of others and to always support different charities. I hope you enjoyed wearing your jeans and having fun with your friends.

Tuxford Head and staff’s meeting with families

Several Y5 and 6 parents attended today’s meeting with Dave Vernon and Julie Hethershaw to find out more about Tuxford Academy and transition into Year 7 from North wheatley Primary. They were pleased to hear that it should be possible for the bus to be re-routed to collect and drop off in the village. Thank you to everyone for attending.

On Thursday 19th October Chris Horrocks, Head of The Elizabethan Academy, will be coming into school at 2.30pm so that parents can meet with her too.

A great start to the new school year…

What a fabulous start to the new year we have had. Everyone has returned to school ready to learn and excited to be in their new classes, they are already making good progress!
EYFS enjoyed their day at Perlethorpe on Tuesday and had lots to tell us when they returned.
I took the opportunity to join the y1-4 pupils at swimming on Wednesday afternoon, they were keen to get into their new swimming groups and to demonstrate their confidence. It was lovely to see pupils who had learnt to swim or further developed their confidence during the holidays move into new groups. A big well done to those who moved into the deep end too!
On Friday, Laura came into school to start our Healthy Cookery Classes. Thank you to the families who attended, we hope you enjoyed it!

This coming week, I will be busy taking photos to go on the class blog headers. It is really nice that we can personalise them. On Monday we will be having our termly fire practice to make sure everyone knows what to do in the unfortuante event of a fire. At the start of the year, this is always a walk through with children prepared for the alarm.
Class 2 are very excited to be going to Magna on Tuesday, they have already been super scientists this week so Magna will further embed their skills. Class 3 have an extra science session on Tuesday when Mr Young from Worrksop college will be coming in to teach chemistry.

On Friday it is Jeans for Genes day, pupils can come to school in non-uniform but must wear their jeans and bring a donation for this excellent cause.

Welcome to a new school year

Staff are eager to welcome back to school pupils new and old tomorrow morning. They have been working hard over the holidays to ensure that their learning environments are stimulating and will support pupils’ learning.
The new fitness equipment will be ready for pupils to use and Mrs Prendergast has been busy ensuring the school grounds are safe and ready for pupils.
If you need to pop into the school office then access is now available across the EYFS play area and through the bottom ‘hall’ doors, we hope that this will save parents time walking all the way around school.
A welcome back newsletter will be with you by the end of this week with other updates and important information.
As always, if you have any questions or something ou would like to share please do come and ask!
All the Best
Joanna Hall

Thank you!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts, cards and special messages that I receieved at the end of the school year. Your generosity overwhelmed me. I hope you have a fabulous holiday with your families and friends and can’t wait to see everyone again in September. Thank you.

Last day of term…

Well today certainly has been a very emotional day in school! Saying goodbye to so many fabulous pupils and one very fabulous teacher took its toll! Apologies for needing to wear my sunglasses at 8.20am! As always the North Wheatley team pulled themselves together to look after each other, to celebrate how lucky we have been to share learning adventures and toappreciate how we care so much that we can make each other laugh, smile and cry. A big thank you to Maddy, Nicole and Neve for making everyone ‘Tear protection glasses’, they worked a treat!!

I felt so proud of our Year 6s as they made their final journey up the hill to church, when they laughed, joked and supported each other every step of the way, as they always have. The service was lovely and it was fabulous that all parents valued this special time to bring our school community together. A huge thank you to everyone who attended for supporting the families of the Year 6 pupils and for celebrating with school. Rev. Mark was right in his words, holding a very special and supportive school community together takes more than sellotape, pupils words of ‘love, kindness and hope’ encapsulated it perfectly. They know as we do, that valuing what we have in life is so important. I know that next year will be another one full of success, that the school community of pupils, staff, parents, Governors, families and friends will support each other to ensure that every child at North Wheatley gets the very best education possible and makes friends for life. Thank you everyone for all your support, your kind words and your loyalty.