Happy New Year!

Welcome to a very happy start to 2018 in school. It has been great to see pupils eager to learn and so enthusiastic after their Christmas break. They have really wowed us!
There is lots of exciting things happening this term, Mrs Bailey will be back in school on a Thursday working with groups of pupils; in February ‘MSP’ will be joining us to teach PE on Wednesday afternoons; Mr Bowles will be working on the site over the next few weeks to make sure that it is as smart and safe as possible and groups of teachers from other schools will also be visiting us.
Pupils are looking forward to Young Voices, to welcoming parents to the grammar, function and spelling open morning and Class 3 are excited to be taking part in the daily active minutes!
As this tends to be the coldest term of the year, we would really appreciate it if you could make sure that your child has their coat in school everyday. It can get quite chilly on the playground! We are also encouraging pupils to keep hydrated through drinking plenty of water through the school day – please could you make sure they only bring plastic bottles though!
Over the next few weeks, one of our focuses will be on reading by encouraging pupils to develop a real love of reading. If you have any spare time to come into school to hear some children read then this would make a huge difference, please do let me know if you can! Thank you in anticipation.
As always, if any issues arise throughout the term do get in touch and we will try our best to resolve things with you.

Anti -Bullying week

This week pupils will be developing their ability to stand up to bullies through positive partnerships. They will be learning that every pupil is different and every pupil is unique and this needs to be celebrated. As always, there will be plenty of opportunities to show we are all 2%ers!

Class 3 have started the week’s learning by finding out about, and learning from, famous athletes who were bullied at School like Jessica Ennis-Hill. They will be sharing their work through school during collective Worship.

The newly formed Anti- Bullying Committee (ABC) will be taking centre stage throughout the week. They will be the listening ear for all pupils if they ever feel bullied by someone. They will also articulate the meaning of bullying, a repeated action to cause hurt to someone emotionally or physically. The ‘ABC’ will meet regularly with a member of the School Leadership Team (SLT) to ensure that incidents of bullying are rare and when they do occur, they are swiftly dealt with.

The Art of Being Brilliant!!

Welcoming Andy Cope back into school yesterday afternoon was a fabulous start to the new half term. Once again he helped pupils to realise the benefits of choosing to be positive and happy and in so doing, the difference it might make to their lives and others. Pupils in Class 3 built on his inspiring input to set their own personal aims for the end of the year.
Thank you Andy for helping us to be even more BRILLIANT!

Jeans for Genes

Thank you to all the pupils who through generous donations today, raised £100 for children with genetic disorders. We are so proud of your willingness to think of others and to always support different charities. I hope you enjoyed wearing your jeans and having fun with your friends.

Tuxford Head and staff’s meeting with families

Several Y5 and 6 parents attended today’s meeting with Dave Vernon and Julie Hethershaw to find out more about Tuxford Academy and transition into Year 7 from North wheatley Primary. They were pleased to hear that it should be possible for the bus to be re-routed to collect and drop off in the village. Thank you to everyone for attending.

On Thursday 19th October Chris Horrocks, Head of The Elizabethan Academy, will be coming into school at 2.30pm so that parents can meet with her too.